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CoinMetro Team

The CEO currently runs FXPIG, a licensed Foreign Currency Exchange which has the technological background of running an exchange for years.

How different is a back-end for trading EUR/USD vs. trading BITCOIN/USD, other than the deposit / withdraw systems.

CoinMetro's XCM Coin Info

Coins are sold to raise funds for the project. Users will also get a discount on the exchange for the more coins they hold! And, every fee will be paid with the XCM coin; to increase demand for the currency, while the supply will decrease with coin burnings. Learn More


They have been running a foreign exchange trading system with real money for years without any security breaches. Though, there is always some risk.

What is CoinMetro?

CoinMetro is a Cryptocurrency Exchange near the end of it's ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It is under development by a team who created a licensed Foreign Currency Exchange in the past (FXPIG). The CEO of Coin metro has stated that users will get a permanent discount for contributing to the ICO. Users who own Coin Metro (XCM) coins, shall receive a discount on all trading activities as well and the discounts stack! Similar to a Competitor Binance, the price of the coin will increase due to limited supply and controlled deflation (destroying / buyback of coins).Read More Here

What makes CoinMetro Different?

I don't make a website for every ICO or exchange. But CoinMetro already has an experienced team, which has created an exchange in the past. Along with the fact, that they already have done financial regulations for their USD, EURO & other currency's with their prior exchange. In my mind they are just adding another currency to their initial codebase, which happens to be Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, taking advantage of a new market with a new brand.

Don't trust me, read the white paper - Educate yourself on their goals / road map

What are Potential Risks?

#1 - They Steal all the Money and Run

I don't think this is very likely, since why would anyone risk their reputation if they already own a successful exchange business (FXPIG). Along with the fact that I believe trading Cryptocurrency and Real Currency are similar enough that the development costs are much lower than if you had to start from scratch, other than the cost of making deposit / withdraw and new regulatory requirements.

#2 - The Product Sucks or No one uses it

Their website and the Flash Sales so far have worked without much issue. It looks pretty good and seems to be well designed but it's hard to tell if a new competitor will come out and destroy the competition. Is this the next MySpace or the next Facebook? Impossible to tell the future, never invest more than you can loose. But they have a roadmap for several products other than just an exchange. Debit Cards, Margin, Lending, ETFs, ICOs & More.

Still Interested? Take a look at their website, and use this link to get 2.5% extra coins with your purchase

What people are saying...

Sharon K.

" Calculates & didn't try to get people to invest in the BitConnect Scheme!"

Dr. Big M. Fkr.

"I like trains, and the Coin Metro logo is a train. I will try out this ICO, thank you guy who made you're an okay dude."

Jessica M.

"These are fake joke reviews! But, don't take anyone's word and know all investment is risky; best of luck. Research more!"

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